Zoom ''Feather'' Multi-Color Diamond Brooch ''羽毛'' 多色鑽石胸針

''Feather'' Multi-Color Diamond Brooch ''羽毛'' 多色鑽石胸針


Feather has been always the favorite topic of fine Jewellery making . Feather has always been the lady’s accessory for over a hundred years . This trend come to the climax of 1920’s . From the deco for the hat . To the deco of the grown . And even nowadays is one of the favorite topics of Haute Courture . It is the symbol of tease , fantasy , charming & sexy & glamorous.

Lane Joaillier Fine Jewellery combined such wonderful topic and our favorite natural color diamond to build one of the most lifelike feather brooch . This is 100% handcrafted , showing our sophicated Ingenious find jewelry making technique.

We used graduated color tone of the diamonds to imitate the mature intensity of the feather . From vivid yellow color to light yellow color . Natural pink diamonds are arranged on the tip of the feather

The moveable tip of the feather , gives extra sparkle of the piece ,

The shimmer goes along with the movement of the lady who carrying the brooch .

 61 pieces natural color diamond 14.13 carats 

263 pieces round brilliant cut diamond 3.59 carats 


羽毛一直是珠寶設計中常見的主題 ,真實的羽毛已經成為女士佩戴的飾物超過一個世紀 , 在喧嘩的20世紀20年代更成為潮流指標 ,用作裝飾帽子 , 亦用作裝飾晚裝 , 時至今日,亦作為高級訂製服飾的主題 , 代表着逗趣 ,夢幻 ,可人,性感及豪華

我們名家珠寶,用上獨特而優質嘅天然彩色鑽石去製造這個羽毛形狀胸針 ,百分百人手鑲嵌 ,盡顯我們超凡的工藝 

我們把胸針製作至可以擺動,隨着佩戴嘅女士身體搖曳 , 更把鑽石及胸針嘅光芒發揮極致  

61 顆天然彩色鑽石 14.13 克拉

263 顆圓形閃亮切割鑽石 3.59 克拉


''Feather'' Multi-Color Diamond Brooch ''羽毛'' 多色鑽石胸針